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January 2021


FCYLC adheres to COVID guidelines based on the direction and guidance from our local government, our sports governing body and our league including the following entities:


  • US Lacrosse - The national governing body for Lacrosse, US Lacrosse published a tiered Return to Play set of guidelines . FCYLC has adopted the US Lacrosse COVID Waiver as part of our registration process.

  • Virginia Department of Health - Virginia has issued these Considerations for Recreational Sports

  • Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League - The NVYLL governs game rules for our spring league, we will follow their guidelines.

  • Virginia High School League (VHSL) - VHSL has drafted revised lacrosse rulesets to minimize contact. Once published, the NVYLL will consider these rules for league play 


Below is a summary of the guidance:



  • Any person that is feeling sick or has been exposed to Covid virus in the past 14 days is not allowed to participate and must stay home.

  • No indoor activities

  • After events, all participants should exit the facility right away and not congregate in big groups.

  • Compete locally


Coaches / Parents / Spectators

  • Must wear a mask at all times

  • Should stay social distanced, no close huddles

  • Parents - Sign the COVID waiver as part of registration

  • Parents should monitor the health and exposure risk of their child and keep them home whenever appropriate.

  • Limit the number of spectators at events to 25 or less on the field



  • All Referees need to wear masks before and after games and maintain social distance from players and coaches as best they can during the games. 

  • Refs do not need to wear masks during games in order to blow whistles, but can if they want to.



  • Wear a mask before and after events

  • Encouraged, but not currently required, to wear a mask during competition

  • Bring their own water bottle and not share with others

  • No post game dog piles, handshakes, elbow, fist or stick high fives. Just cheer, wave and clear.

  • After goals, no high-fives or chest bumps after goals.

  • All players should have their own equipment and uniform. Minimize sharing with other players.

  • Players can wear clear plastic shields over the helmet facemask or goggles if they want but must be attached very securely.



  • The Virginia High School League is considering game play modifications to reduce risk for exposure. We will follow the rules as they are established by our league.


FCYLC Refund Policy

  • Registered players can opt-out and receive a full refund if they drop out by March 15th. 

  • If the season is cancelled while in progress, we will offer pro-rata refunds or credits.



This policy is subject to change as our COVID guidance evolves over time.