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Practice On, Ending at 7 pm
by posted 05/07/2021

Practice is on at 5:30 pm as planned but given the rain we'll keep it to 90 minutes so please plan to pick up at 7 pm. If any lightning rolls through we'll have to leave the field. Thank you!

Coach Brian
703-283-9830 (m)

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Practice canceled
by posted 04/30/2021

We've ended practice. Please pick up your son ASAP. Thank you!

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Practice ending early
by posted 04/30/2021

The weather is forcing us to end early today -- we'll end at 7 pm or sooner if there's lightning. We won't leave any players behind!

Coach Brian


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14U Team Assignments, Optional Practice Today
by posted 03/15/2021

FCYLC Families,

Thank you to all the boys who participated in assessments over the past two weekends.  Our coaches provided scores which determined the following roster placements:

Falls Church / Annandale Black 

  • Mac Cronin
  • Lukas Wuhrer
  • Ryan Milligan
  • Jeremy Scott
  • JD Derwinski
  • Sam Dresser
  • Chris Margand
  • Zach Bloom
  • Eddie Zaptin
  • James Crowley
  • Colin Williams
  • Alex Jacobson
  • Jack Moore
  • Nick Montgomery
  • Jon Malatesta
  • Cooper Donaghy

Falls Church Red 

  • Nicholas Gruse
  • Jack Kelley
  • Cole KezarMalzahn
  • Hartwell Craig
  • Will Davis
  • Connor Fleming
  • Cubbon Langford
  • Cruz Ruoff
  • Hayden Kusic
  • Xavier Kuo
  • Simon Wing
  • Alex Way
  • Davey Gaskins
  • Conrad Stapleton
  • Liam Gorman
  • Jake Marsh
  • Dylan Redding
  • Nicholas Swigart

Annandale Red 

  • Logan Broehl
  • Jose Vera Puna
  • Finnian Sweeney
  • Wyatt Sweeney
  • AJ Federovich
  • Will Miracle
  • Jackson Choe
  • Christopher Haase
  • Mathieu Czernia
  • Kevin Read
  • Roman Braswell
  • Jonathan Mendez
  • Zachary Schnur
  • Will Schroen
  • Lucas Jones
  • Daniel Lauretti

The two Falls Church teams will practice at Bailey's ES on Mondays & Fridays starting at 5:30 pm.  Today is an optional clinic style practice with all the boys together.  It's no problem if your son can't make it given the late notice.  Starting Friday, we'll split up by team.

The Annandale Red team will practice at Sprague Tech Center on Mondays (but not today) & Wednesdays. 

You'll receive future communication from your coaches regarding practices and game schedules. Games will begin on Saturdays beginning April 10th. Playoffs begin on June 4th and could go through June 11th.

Looking forward to a great season!

Brian Williams
703-283-9380 (m)

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Saturday Practice back to GMHS
by posted 03/10/2021

FCYLC Families - 

Our 14U boys will be practicing at George Mason High School on the stadium turf from 2:00 - 3:30 pm this Saturday.

This will be our second and final assessment with the Annandale club to determine team placement. Midweek practices will begin next week, games begin on April 10th.

Everyone will be placed on a team. It is not too late to add additional players. If you know someone interested in trying lacrosse, please have them register at http://www.fclaxclub.com. Rental equipment is still available as well.

Thank you!

Brian Williams

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Saturday Lacrosse Practice - New Location
by posted 03/04/2021

FCYLC Families - 

Our 14U boys will be practicing at Falls Church High School (7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church, VA 22042) on the main stadium turf from 1:00 - 2:30 pm this Saturday.

This practice will begin our assessment process to determine team placement. We will once again partner with Annandale Lacrosse and between our programs are working toward fielding 3 teams.

Everyone will be placed on a team. We also have room/need on the rosters to accept additional players. If your son knows someone interested in trying lacrosse or returning to the sport, please have them register at http://www.fclaxclub.com

Thank you!

Brian Williams

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