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Overarching Coaching Principles for FCYLC

  1. Teach a love for lacrosse
  2. Make it fun
  3. Be social and build friendships
  4. Communicate early and often
  5. Grow yourself as a coach
  6. Honor the game


Coach Expectations

  • Recruit – Help us recruit players, coaches and volunteers to support FCYLC
  • Get Smart - Grow you knowledge of the game learning new strategies and tactics that you can teach
  • Comply – Complete required registrations and trainings before season begins
  • Prepare – Be ready with practice plans before you show up
  • Tryouts – Structured, quantifiable and impartial
  • Introduce – Once you have your team, introduce yourself in person and by email
  • Lead Take charge of your team and give clear, consistent direction
  • Motivate – Convey passion to your players with an always positive mindset
  • Delegate – Seek out a team manager to support you, get the parents involved
  • Gear Up – Work with the equipment & apparel managers for team gear
  • Socialize – Try to organize a beginning of the season team social
  • Communicate – Send weekly emails: progress, schedule, reminders [website will as well]
  • Be Early – Arrive to practice ahead of your team
  • Warm Up – Dynamic stretching to avoid injuries
  • Engage – Short speeches, short lines, fast paced drills – keep the kids focused
  • Homework – Give players reminders and drills to do at home
  • Health - Encourage good nutrition, hydration and sleep before games and practices
  • Protect - Keeps the kids safe, avoid uncomfortable situations and unneccesary contact
  • Honor – Set the tone for good sportsmanship and keep the game in perspective
  • Celebrate – Finish the season with an end-of-season party
  • Return – Collect FCYLC rental gear, team equipment, pinnies and uniforms