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Coach Administrative Requirements

  • US Lacrosse Membership - A coaches membership for $55 provides comprehensive guidance to both beginning and experienced coaches through online courses, in-person instructional clinics and additional resources. Lacrosse membership for adult coaches now includes a mandatory national background screening (NCSI, same as before) & required online SafeSport training as part of the $55 annual fee. Below are links to US Lacrosse.
  • SafeSport – US Lacrosse and the NVYLL require SafeSport training for all adult coaches. The online training consists of three learning modules that provide in-depth information about sexual misconduct awareness, mandatory reporting, and emotional & physical misconduct. On average, each module takes 30 minutes to complete. The training is good for two years. Either do this via US Lacrosse or you pay $20 at https://safesport.org/.
  • Coach Survey & Background Check (Required Every 2 Years) - All coaches must complete a survey each year and undergo a background check a minimum of every two years. A US Lacrosse membership will address the background check. Go to www.fclaxclub.com, select Register on the left hand menu, scroll to the bottom and register as a coach. Please update your member account with current contact information. Select one of two registrations:
    • Coach Survey
    • Background Check (if you did not do one last year and are not in US Lacrosse)

Note – when you register, you will receive the coaching discount code which is good for one free registration.

  • Concussion Awareness - All coaches must take the CDC Concussion Awareness online training. Go to www.nvyll.org and select Concussion Awareness. This site includes links to the training, fact sheets and a mobile app. This is a one time requirement.
  • NVYLL Code of Conduct - All coaches must read and electronically sign a code of conduct prior to every season. Go to www.nvyll.org and select Register (CCOC) to complete this form. The FCYLC coach survey mimics this form.
  • Marymount Coaches Clinic / Rules Interpretations – At least one coach from each team needs to attend this preseason clinic at Marymount University on Sunday Feb 23, 2020, registration and breakfast begins at 8AM, meetings at 9AM to 12:30PM. Click here to to register.
  • US Lacrosse Certification (Required for Head Coaches) – All head coaches must take the US Lacrosse Level 1 on-line or Level 1 field course once.  FCYLC will reimburse the cost of US Lacrosse membership and clinic fees. Assistant coaches are strongly encouraged to take this class:

Click here to find upcoming clinics. Go to the US Lacrosse site to register.

US Lacrosse is offering the free of charge to all US Lacrosse members.  FCYLC will reimburse membership for this training.

Level 1&2 clinics for boys and girls are offered following the Marymount Coaches Meeting. 

Level 1 | 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Level 2 | 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Click Here to go to US Lacrosse website to register

  • Positive Coaching Alliance (Optional) - All coaches are strongly encouraged to attend a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) clinic.  The NVYLL and Potomac Chapter of US Lacrosse website list upcoming PCA clinics