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Game Day Guidance

  1. Field Commissioner – The host club will have a field commissioner on duty. Duties include field setup, field take down, greeting teams and officials, directing fans to sit opposite of players, addressing sportsmanship issues off the field, and sometimes game clock management (home team provides a timekeeper).
  2. Home Team – The home team is responsible for balls on both end lines and providing a timekeeper.
  3. Exchange & Official Rosters – Prior to the start of games, the club will provide you with the Official and Exchange Roster. You need to bring one copy of the Official Roster and two copies of the Exchange Roster to each game, one for the field commissioner and one for the other coach. This is mandatory, so don’t forget. Rosters cannot change for any game once set at the beginning on the season.
  4. Minimum Playing Time – All players must play at least 25% of each game.
  5. Coaches – Up to four coaches can be on the sidelines. Coaches must have signed the code of conduct. Coaches must wear FCYLC shirts or other identifiable clothing.
  6. Fans – During games, fans must sit in the stands opposite on the players. At MHS, our sideline is the far side, fans sit in the stands outside the fence line. Please help our field commissioner enforce this. No fans on the end lines.
  7. Communications – Please email you teams with directions to the field, guidance to arrive early for warm ups, and a reminder to bring all equipment (you cannot play otherwise). Make sure you show up early (30-60 min) and have a warmup plan. The website will auto-generate reminders and collect RSVP’s.
  8. Weather – Games can be canceled due to weather by the commissioner, field commissioner or referees. We play in rain, not lighting.
  9. Pre-game –  Head coaches will be called to talk with referees pregame and to certify that all players are properly equipped. Be ready to do these things 5-10 minutes before game time. Please help us keep games on time. Make sure everyone is fully geared up.
  10. In-game – Only the head coach can address officials. Honor the game when you do. When calling for a timeout, include your color, “Timeout Red!” Keep your team on your bench side and out of the substitution box area.
  11. Post-game – Make sure you cheer the other team and shake hands after the game. Clear the bench quickly to make room for the next game. Clean up trash and pick up loose equipment. Confirm everyone has a ride home. The winning coach should post the score using the website (8U/K2 games are 0-0 always).
  12. Sportsmanship – Most importantly, coaches must set the tone in terms of sportsmanship and respect. Please abide by the code of conduct, treat the referees with respect, and make sure players and parents do the same. Remember that it’s only a game – the kids will forget the results quickly, so please maintain your composure and represent our club well.