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Change Team: 
K2 Red
by posted 04/18/2021

We look forward to seeing everyone today! 

We are on field 2! 



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K2 Red Team
by posted 04/07/2021

Welcome to the K2 Red team!

Your coaches for the season will be Pip DuBois, Annie Moore and Jennifer Hoffman. We are particularly excited to have Annie coaching this season. She is a student at GMHS.  She started playing for FCYLC at the k-2nd grade level and is now committed to play for Willaim and Mary!

Our first game is at 3:30p this Sunday April 11. 2021 at Larry Graves. The game will be at field #3.  Please have the girls are the field at 3:00p to warm up.  We have a lot to go over as it is our first game.  We do understand that there are a lot of conflcits at this age. If your going to be late please email me at mdpip@aol.com. 

US Lacrosse recommends roster sizes of 8-12 for this age. We have 8. We intentionally went with smaller roster sizes to make sure the girls got more playing time.  However, we need parents to RSVP for each game to make sure we have enough for each game. An email will be sent each week asking for your RSVP. Please respond. It only takes seconds.  We will borrow players from other Falls Church teams if we are short.  

Girls MUST wear pinnies and bring water (no sharing), stick, goggles and mouthguard to game. Our refs to the game will not allow girls to play unless they have a mouthguard. 

We will send other COVID protocols to all the teams before Sunday! 



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